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Yuan Ze Fuel Cell Center
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Hydrogen Storage Nanomaterials Technology

  • Date:2009-04-01 ~ 2009-04-06
  • Status:未完成 / Patent Apply-無 / Patent Authories-無
  • Info:Patent Number- / Patent Date-2009-04-01~2009-04-06


[Key Technology]
1. Apply fluidized bed reactor and template synthesis to grow high quality carbon nanotube products. Control porosity and surface structure of the nanotubes by using catalyst size and growth conditions.
2. Investigation on surface modification of inorganic nanotubes and hydrogen-storage capacity.
3. Creation of analyzed techniques on hydrogen adsorption/desorption characteristics for multi-component alloy, carbon composite, and alloy/inorganic nanotube pellet.
4. Design of novel hydrogen-storage system, testing, and mass production.
5. Synthesis of multi-component alloy and carbon composite, and their optimal design of hydrogen-storage systems.

[Research Target]
1. Preparation of multi-component alloy and carbon composite, and their hydrogen storage characteristics:
.Fabricate metal and metal-oxide nanowires, and seek for other nanosized hydrogen-storage materials.
.Apply self-assembly, electrodeposition and electroless treatments to form nanocatalyst-attached carbon composites, fabricating composite one-dimensional nanomaterials.
.Development of high density, high capacity, and aligned alloy/carbon nanotube compressed pellets.
2. Synthesis of multi-component alloy/inorganic nanotube composites and their hydrogen-storage characteristics:
.Design and testing of closed hydrogen storage system for high-performance alloy/inorganic nanotubes.
.Pressure control and optimal design of hydrogen-storage devices.
.Preliminary design on micro hydrogen adsorption/desorption system for high-performance alloy/inorganic nanotubes, and derive their hydrogen adsorption/desorption mechanism.
.Incorporation of hydrogen-storage system with PEM fuel cell, and create the integrated energy-generated system and economic evaluation.

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