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Yuan Ze Fuel Cell Center
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Hydrogen Generation Technology

  • Date:2009-04-01 ~ 2009-04-06
  • Status:未完成 / Patent Apply-無 / Patent Authories-無
  • Info:Patent Number- / Patent Date-2009-04-01~2009-04-05


[Key Technology]
1. On-site production of hydrogen by oxidative steam reforming of methanol to eliminate problems of the storage and transport of hydrogen.
2. Development of active catalysts for reforming alcohols at low reaction temperatures to produce HRG with low CO concentration (FCO).
3. Physical characterization and activity tests of reforming catalysts.
4. Advanced washcoating technique to enhance the attachment of catalyst powders to micro-channels with appropriate oxide sols, to control the thickness and the porosity of washcoating layer and to maintain the activity of coated catalysts.
5. Design and fabrication of micro- channels on rigid plates and assembly them into compact reformer for the compactness in size and the efficiency in heat and mass transfer.

[Research Target]
Active catalysts are to be developed to reform methanol and ethanol for production of hydrogen rich gas (HRG) at low temperatures. Compact reactors are fabricated from stainless steel plates for the production. Reformed HRG will be used to power hydrogen fuel cell for generation of mobile electricity.

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