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Yuan Ze Fuel Cell Center
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Water Management and Degradation Mechanism Technology

  • Date:2009-04-01 ~ 2009-04-06
  • Status:未完成 / Patent Apply-無 / Patent Authories-無
  • Info:Patent Number- / Patent Date-2009-04-01~2009-04-06


[Key Technology]
1. Prevent membrane dehydration method
PEM fuel cell operates at high temperature and low humidity to reduce passive load and to improve the system efficiency. To develop high hydrated membrane, self-humidified GDL flow fields and optimal operating conditions are important to prevent membrane dehydration.
2. Electrochemical characteristics of fuel cell material degradation
Electrochemical methods provide characteristics of membrane, catalyst degradations, or even gas diffusion layer water flooding or membrane drying. The in-situ diagnostic tools are useful to redesign material, stack design and optimal operation procedure to improve fuel cell operational life time.
3. Accelerated fuel cell degradation mechanism due to humidity and current cycling change effects
Fuel cell operated at high temperature, low humidity or load-duty cycle could be accelerated performance degradation. It is important to find the fuel cell degradation mechanisms by mechanical, thermal stress, and material chemical/or physical effects and improve the fuel cell operating time.

[Research Target]
1. Design the fuel cell with stable operation at 120℃, and 80℃ inlet air (~25% RH), preventing membrane dehydration and output performance at 0.6W/cm2.
2. Set-up electrochemical diagnostic tools to analyze the fuel cell degradation mechanisms, to develop accelerated fuel cell life-time testing procedure and improve fuel cell operating life up to 3000 hours at duty cycle.

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