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Yuan Ze Fuel Cell Center
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Metallic Bipolar Plate and Micro-Sensor Technology

  • Date:2009-04-01 ~ 2009-04-06
  • Status:未完成 / Patent Apply-無 / Patent Authories-無
  • Info:Patent Number- / Patent Date-2009-04-01~2009-04-06


[Key Technologies]
1. Using electro-polishing to improve the surface quality: cleanliness, anti-corrosion capability and contact resistance. The cell life and cell performance of the fuel cells can be improved.
2. Using Electrochemical Micro-Machining (EMM) technology to fabricate flow field of small fuel cells and has potential for mass production.
3. Using MEMS and UV-LIGA technologies to develop micro-molding for the micro-feature bipolar plates.
4. Using MEMS technologies to develop flexible micro-sensors for in-situ diagnosis of PEM fuel cells.
5. To integrate micro-sensors into metallic bipolar plates for smarter process monitor and control.

[Research Target]
1. To provide bipolar plate specifications with high mechanical strength, heat tolerant, shock resilient to meet consumer demands of small, short, thin and light applications for transportation and computer, communication and consumer (3C) industries.
2. To develop the mass production processes of the metallic bipolar plates and to reduce the production cost.
3. To develop high anti-corrosion capability, clean, low contact resistance and low price stainless steel bipolar plates by using electro-polishing and coating technologies.
Goals: corrosion rate Vcor ≦ 0.02 mm/year, surface roughness Ra ≦ 0.02 μm, electrical conductivity K > 500 s/cm.
4. To develop bipolar plates for small/micro fuel cells and facilitate mass production by using EMM technology.
Goals: thickness ≦ 500 μm, deep of channel ≧300 μm, width of channel ≦ 300 μm.
5. To develop micro-mold for micro-featured bipolar plates by using MEMS and UV-LIGA technologies.
Goals: thickness ≦ 500 μm, deep of channel ≧ 300 μm, width of channel ≦ 300 μm.
6. Using MEMS technologies to develop micro-sensors of voltage, temperature, humility, pressure, heater and etc.
7. To integrate micro-sensors into PEM fuel cells to achieve in-situ monitor of the temperature, humidity and stack pressure and control of operating parameters.

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