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Yuan Ze Fuel Cell Center
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Fuel Cell Catalysis Technology

  • Date:2009-04-01 ~ 2009-04-08
  • Status:未完成 / Patent Apply-無 / Patent Authories-無
  • Info:Patent Number- / Patent Date-2009-04-01~2009-04-07


[Key Technology]
1. The preparation of carbon-supported Pt or Pt-Ru catalysts
The said catalysts can be prepared with controlled metal loading up to 50% (wt) by maintaining an average metal particle size smaller than 5 nm. The catalysts can be used as electrode catalysts in fuel cells and other applications.
2. The preparation of unsupported Pt catalysts
The said catalysts can be prepared without using high-molecular-weight stabilizing agent by maintaining an average metal particle size smaller than 3 nm. The catalysts can be well dispersed in solution and are suitable for direct deposition to make thin-film electrode or catalytic coatings for other applications.
3. The control of reaction interface of Pt particles within MEA
This technology is related to the deposition of Pt particles in MEA, in which the preparation will include both ionic conductivity and electronic conductivity to Pt particles. The Pt utilization can be thus enhanced, which can result in decreased Pt loadings for fuel cell applications.

[Research Target]
The goal of the next 5-year research is to enhance the efficiency of MEAs in fuel cell applications. We will integrate the above-mentioned technology and will utilize our past experience to achieve this goal. The target is to provide MEAs with Pt loadings lower than 0.2 mg Pt/cm2 and with performance of 0.5 W/cm2 power output at 70℃, H2 fuel, and no back pressure. This target is set to match an efficiency better than 0.5 g Pt/kW for fuel cells. Concurrently, the development will be extended for DMFCs.

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