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Yuan Ze Fuel Cell Center
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High Resolution Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope Laboratory


(1) Instrument
Type:JEOL,JEM-2100 (HR)
Location:R114 /Yuan Ze Fuel Cell Center, Yan Ze University
1. Accelerating Voltage:80-200 KV
2. Magnification:x2000-1,500,000
3. Resolution: point image: 0.23 nm,Lattice image:0.14 nm
4. pot size : 1.5~200nm
5. Specimen Tilt Angle:X:±40°;Y:±30°。
6. x-ray analytical systems
1. Digital camera for recording image up to 4008 X 2672 pixel
2. Double、single tilt specimen holder
• Electron Beam Energy 80-200kV
• Tilt ±35 degrees on one axis and ±30 degrees on the other (double tilt holder)
• Lattice Resolution = 0.14nm
• HREM Point Resolution = 0.23nm
(1) Gatan 832 CCD
(2) Gatan 626 Cryotransfer holder and 655 pumping station
(3) Oxford EDS system, included Mapping function
(4) STEM Unit, included High Angle Annual Dark Field Detector(HAADF)
(5) Double、Be Double(Low Background) specimen tilt holder

Current Research:

High Resolution Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope
(1) Search
The high transition and resolution electron microscope in an important analysis tools in materials science research. It can provide solutions for a wide range of problems such as morphology、size、microstructure、defect and crystal structure in the fields of semiconductor, ceramic, metal, biomaterials, and polymer. In addition, it can provide high resolution image, high angle micro diffraction, mirco-area element analysis, bight field and dark filed functions.
(2) Technology
1. Observation of microstructure, crystal structure and defect in materials.
2. Micro diffraction and micro-area crystal structure.
3. High resolution lattice image
4. Energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS):5B~92U。

Contact Info:

Contact: Yao-Ying Chuang

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