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  • 活動期間2015-10-01起 ~ 2015-10-01止
  • 報名截止2015-09-30
  • 活動地點元智大學 3館3110教室
  • 活動時段16:00~17:00
  • 報名費用免費(無提供晚餐)
  • 目前狀態開放報名




Development of Ammonia as Energy Carrier and Ammonia Fuel Cells
Speaker: Prof. Koichi Eguchi
Department of Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry,
Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University
2015.10.01(Thu) FM16:00~17:00
Ammonia has been considered as a promising candidate of the energy carrier because of the high content of hydrogen in the molecule and ease of liquefaction. The effectiveness of ammonia as an energy carrier has been investigated actively in recent years. It is desirable to utilize ammonia effectively by supplying to fuel cell generators. From the viewpoint of compatibility to ammonia fuel, candidate fuel cell types are a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) with conductive O2- ions and the anion exchange membrane fuel cell (AEMFC) with conductive OH- ions. Operation temperature of SOFC is 700-900°C, and an NH3 decomposition with endothermic heat readily proceeded in a catalytic reactor operated at such high temperatures in the fuel cell chamber with an aid of an effective transfer of exothermic heat from SOFC. In the case of indirect supply of ammonia, supported nickel catalysts demonstrated sufficient activities for decomposition of ammonia in the operation temperature range of SOFC. The high operation temperature and activity of Ni-YSZ cermet anode of SOFCs enables direct supply of ammonia to the cells which led to the simplification of the system. Direct supply of ammonia to SOFC gave rise to sufficiently high power generation characteristics of an anode-supported single cell. It is also possible to introduce ammonia to SOFC stack in the direct internal decomposition operation. Anode-supported proton conductor SOFC was also effective for direct supply of ammonia to the cell. For AEMFCs, supply of concentrated ammonia led to low terminal voltage and insufficient current density. Catalytic cracker of ammonia should reduce the ammonia concentration level below a few percent before supplying to the AEMFC.

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